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Life Settlement Security

Life Settlement assets are investments backed by top rated insurance carriers who maintain the highest levels of financial strength and stability. Life Insurance companies are some of the healthiest financial companies available with outstanding track records for risk mitigation and financial security. Life insurance companies are regulated entities in the US with regulatory requirements dictating their investment options and long term capital reserve requirements.

LARI Life Settlement only considers insurance policies from top rated carriers and maintains tight standards on which insurance products qualify as a potential settlement for our investors. Insurance companies have introduced many thousand insurance products throughout the last 40 years. Over this time-frame, many carriers have acquired other companies adding ambiguity to product of life insurance and contract value. LARI’s maintains over 40 years of experience in the life insurance industry with inside knowledge of top rated carriers and insurance contracts. Let LARI help you create a secure financial future through Life Settlement!

Life Insurance Carrier Stability


A+ Rated Carriers only

Death Benefit 

Guaranteed return – impervious to financial market results


Fixed maintenance cost


Healthy Tertiary Market Demand