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Life Settlement eliminates uncertainty from your financial future through non-correlated investing free from the turbulence of existing financial markets.  The returns of Life Settlement investments are generally not correlated with other investment markets such as equities or bonds. Life Settlements are designed to capture a fixed and guaranteed return with capital outlay directly related to the health of the insured covered by the life insurance policy. The investment benefit from a Life Settlement is always fixed based upon the life insurance policy’s death benefit. This benefit seldom changes and is backed by the financial stability of major Life Insurance companies.

Life Settlement maintenance requirements consist of only the premium payments required to keep the policy in force. While many insurance companies present Life Insurance as a vehicle for building “Cash Value” in a policy, Life Settlement investors seek to minimize premium payments by minimizing the cash contribution within the policy. LARI Life Settlement experts can help you find the best policy suitable for your investment objectives.

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Life Insurance Maintains A Fixed Payout