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Florida Life Settlement Legislation Good News for Seniors

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New Florida Life Settlement Legislation - Good News for Seniors! Life Settlement gets a boost in Florida! The State of Florida passed important life insurance legislation leading the way for other states to provide additional consumer protection measures as well. Florida enacted a new law designed to combat insurance fraud and protect seniors and

Non-Correlated Investments

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Alternative Asset Class Life settlement investing provides investors opportunity to generate long term capital growth by exiting the volatility of existing financial markets in favor of a non-correlated asset class directly tied to the Baby Boomer population. Volatile markets, speculative bubbles and high frequency trading have caused many investors to flee stock and bond


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Financial need drives Life Settlement market As the baby boomers population reaches 71 nearing retirement age, many boomers lack the necessary funds to fully enjoy retirement without worries about finances.  Roughly half (55%) of Baby Boomers have any retirement savings and 74% of those who do save are behind their goal of $260,000. Nearly