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Many Life Insurance owners and agents fail to realize Life Settlement is an option for their unwanted or unneeded Life Insurance policies. Life Settlement provides the ability to offer your clients additional products beyond surrendering or lapsing their in force life insurance policy. Through a life Settlement, your clients may be able to quickly raise cash for their existing policy including Term policies set to expire in the near future. Many Life Insurance agents and owners allow Term policies to expire worthless when a Life Settlement can unlock significant hidden value.

Many life insurance owners frequently dispose of their policy without considering a Life Settlement loosing out on real cash value they could use today!

As a Life Insurance Agent or Life Settlement Broker, LARI provides a platform enabling you to offer additional products to your clients. Life Settlement is an excellent option for Life Insurance owners who own policies without plans for renewing. LARI’s works with a network of Investor channels and can help you determine the true market value for your clients policy quickly and easily.

Discovery your policy’s hidden value

Many life insurance owners fail to realize their life insurance policies are a valuable asset which can be redeemed for cash. Many policy owners find themselves in situations where premiums are no longer affordable and believe their only option is surrendering the policy to the insurance carrier. Life Settlement provides access to your policy’s true market value enabling another option many policy owners failed to consider.

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LARI Life Settlement works with Life Insurance Agents, Life Settlement Brokers and suppliers directly to maximize your client’s options for securing a Life Settlement. Let LARI help you explore all options before your client disposes of their Life Insurance policy!

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