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Securing Attractive Inventory

Life Settlement due diligence is time consuming and expensive process requiring extensive industry experience, Carrier & Insurance policy & product knowledge, medical underwriting an mortality modeling and financial underwriting models which include premium optimization models.

LARI Life Settlement works with numerous suppliers to obtain the best inventory available combining an unparalleled medical underwriting process to provide a comprehensive case analysis picture. With over 40 years experience in the Life Insurance industry we are able to isolate those insurance contracts with true value from the many thousand products created over many decades by insurance carriers.

LARI represents you the investor to obtain the best acquisition terms and minimize overall capital allocation throughout the lifetime of the investment.

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Finding the best life insurance contracts requires aggregation and analysis of many insurance company products, contract terms and state legal regulations. LARI’s platform enables investors to specify their specific investment criteria and objectives in order to isolate specific pre-qualified inventory.

Portfolio Pool Acquisition & Modeling

A Life Settlement fund is comprised of settled policies bundled together to create a diversified portfolio. The goal is to provide an attractive risk-adjusted return that has low correlation with returns provided by traditional financial markets.

Diversification within the Life Settlement asset class takes many forms including policy financial terms and the insured’s medical profiles. Combing many policies into a single pool provides investors the ability to reduce dependency upon life expectancy analysis in favor of more probabilistic models developed using statistical math models.

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Portfolio Market Pricing

LARI’s financial & medical underwriting platform enables investors to obtain individual policy pricing or pricing for an entire portfolio pool.

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LARI Life Settlement combines extensive experience in Life Insurance and Life Settlement to maximize your investment options.

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